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Dogs, People, Training

Professional dog training and behavior consulting

Dog Training & Behavior Consulting


Every dog and every person is unique. So, naturally, there may be misunderstandings between you and your dog or recurring situations that you find problematic.

With each dog-person team, I work on developing their own set of goals, taking into account their talents and experiences. The exercises we do during the training can be ideally integrated into everyday life. During the training sessions you will gradually learn how to be even closer to your dog and what type of character he is.

Hundetraining & Verhaltensberatung


"Randi provides new perspectives; and does so with heart."


Permission for dogs being of leash / Dog Licence


In the whole city of Hamburg there is a general leash obligation for dogs according to the Hamburg dog law. As a recognized expert for the acceptance of the obedience test, I am officially authorized by the city of Hamburg to conduct the leash exemption test with you and your dog.

If you successfully pass, I may issue you the dog license, with which you can have a clear conscience at every order patrol.

For example, basic obedience and compatibility with other dogs will be tested. You as a team partner of your dog also play an important role. Therefore, the dog license is only valid for the tested dog-person team.

There are a few basic requirements that must be observed in advance. For example, your dog must be at least 12 months old. I will gladly send you a checklist for this upon request.

All information about the general leash requirement can be found at

Price on request (discount for additional persons per dog).
Dates and location by arrangement (Hamburg area).

Leinenbefreiung / Hundeführerschein


"Based on her in-depth knowledge and with empathy, Randi guides the human / dog team in the right direction."




Sensitivity, trust and personality. These are the basic elements of my training program, which is composed of the most successful methods of dog training.

Thanks to my studies as a dog trainer and behavior consultant at dogument, I offer perfectly tailored training to your dog's individual character traits, as well as your very personal wishes. Regular participation in advanced trainings, practical experience in dog schools as well as dog day care centers help me to always find new approaches and to further develop concepts. I have the permission according to § 11 Abs. 1 Nr. 8f of the animal protection law: "for third parties to train dogs or to guide the training of dogs by the animal owner".

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